Monday, January 24, 2011

Group Run on Saturday

Hi Everyone!
Let's do a group run this Saturday. The boys have basketball at 7:30am, so what if we do 9:30am at the Coal Creek Trail? That way it will be a little warmer. I realize this cuts into Lifetime Yoga....sorry.

I am going to do 8 miles, and of course, would love 1 or 2 or 10 of you to join me, but let's set the range from 3-8 miles. In the comment section below, please tell us if you are coming (so we don't leave anyone) and how many miles you want to run. That way everyone can find a buddy.

Who's in?



  1. I'd love to run Sat! 4-5 slow miles for me. :)

  2. Bummer! Brandon is working. I will be running on the dreadmill if anyone wants to join me.

  3. I'm in... preferably 6 +/- miles for me. I don't necessarily have a goal pace, just need to get the miles under my feet.

  4. we have 2 basketball games at that time:( hopefully next time!

  5. I will be in bed with my eyes still closed after lasik surgery tomorrow. The weather is going to be awesome on Sat. Next time!!

  6. We are going skiing after the basketball game - going to count that as my Sat. workout (lifting 2 kids up and down the hill). Would love to join next time. Very jealous about the Lasik - wish I was doing that instead!