Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I emailed the So Cal race director to see when individual leg mileage would be posted. He said not until sometime in January. But, he did say that he was trying to keep each leg as close to 5 miles as possible. Interesting.....

So, for now, I'd start planning on running about 15 miles total, and then we'll work out the other stuff in Jan.


  1. Really January?!? If it's going to be 5 miles a leg that's fine I guess, it's just nice to know mentally what you're up against.

  2. You've got it!

    I'm with "Jarrie". :)

  3. Sounds good to me. I just had 15.5 at red rock. I just would not want them all rated hard again. I'm happy to take two hard ones, just not three.

  4. Really 5? I almost wish I didn't kmow that..haha..I need it to be scary mileage so I will be motivated to train hard ;). Erin

  5. Just think--now we can train for SPEED. 5 miles is nothin'--we're going to SMOKE it.

    But...5*12=180 miles and the race says it's 200 miles. So....there is going to have to be some legs longer than 5.