Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's Official: I'm a Runner.

I have been trying to run for about 3 years now, and making a more earnest effort this past year. I have certainly accomplished some milestones – running distances I never thought I could, even in my wildest dreams – but I have had a hard time considering myself a real runner. When people would ask me “are you a runner?” I would always say, “kind of” or “I’m trying” or something passive like that.

The past couple of months I have been trying to decide what I would need to accomplish to make me feel like a real runner (whatever that means – and obviously it means different things to different people – I was just trying to figure out what it means to me).

So I decided that there was something I wanted to accomplish in order to make me feel like a real runner. I set a goal, made a plan (courtesy of Skip), snapped my fingers, blinked my eyes, wished upon a star, and… well, I guess I have to call myself a real runner now! And that’s not just because I got to run with reigning Olympic GOLD medalist Constantina Dita this morning.

This is Constantina at the finish, not me... someday, with lots more miles under my feet and some plastic surgery, maybe.  But probably not.

Since the race today was just 1 mile from my house, I had some cheerleaders who showed up at the finished line (somewhat unexpectedly – my husband sent me on an errand last night and I guess that’s when he had the kids make their signs).  There was nothing better than sprinting toward the finish and hearing your kids yelling, “GO MOM!”

In the few short minutes I got to talk with Constantina, I asked her if she was going to run in the 2012 Olympics. She’s said, “I’m trying… but it’s hard!” Then we just laughed (me more than her) – of course it’s hard!  Hey Constantina: I do hard things too!  (You Wasatch Back Ragnar ladies know what I’m talkin' ‘bout! :)

So, my point in writing this post is this:

1. If you are new to our team or new to running: YOU CAN DO IT. Seriously, if you knew where I started and how far I’ve come (with more to go) – you would really understand that you CAN do it.   And all of us are cheering you on - that's the beauty of a team, and friends!  Just make a plan and stick to it. Don’t be an excuse-maker. If you want to do it – then do it.

2. Those of you who consider yourselves runners I want to know: at what point did you feel like you were a real runner?  (Again, whatever that means to you.)


  1. Constanina Dita? Cool!

    Hmmm, when did I start feeling like a real runner...

    When I started frequenting the running store lol. Non runners don't shop at running stores right?

    Kidding, sort of.

    I think I started feel like a runner in the winter of 2009 though. I did a learn to run program on a treadmill earlier that year, then did an outdoor program in the summer. But when I continued to train during the winter, that's when I realized I was seriously addicted.

  2. great post, very motivating! I have felt like a runner since I got up off my duff at age 22 after a break up with a long time boyfriend and I started running a little like Forest Gump. I did a marathon that year and then many halfs, 10k's, 5k's and so on after that. I started to do it to be happy, healthy and just because it made me feel like a I am still running at age 33 and it has been the single thing that keeps me sane and balanced. I have gone in and out of shape thru babies and jobs and life but always come back to it! I am not fast but I enjoy the view as I go! Can't wait to run the Ragnar!! Runners are happy people! ;)

  3. Awesome post Susan!!! Congratulations on your run!!!!!! It is great to have your kids cheering you on @ the end - the few times my kids have I've gotten a little choked up! (I know- what a baby:)) I think I have yet to feel like a runner, but the more goals I set and accomplish the closer I feel I am to being able to call myself a "runner":)

  4. Wow Susan.....your words are very motivating!! I've been kind of a witness to your hard work at becoming a runner watching all that determination you have on the treadmills at Lifetime. Running is not something that I'm striving to be great at but it's nice to have a new goal to work towards. I'm a firm believer in a variety of different ways of exercising & working out to keep healthy (and sane). I look forward to being the Susan -part 2 on the treadmills this winter working on my distance. Your words of encouragement will definately be in my head during that time. Great job on accomplishing your goal as a "runner"!!!

  5. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!@! Yea i am so happy for you! 9:33 you go girl:)

  6. Great Post!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!! Way to go.

  7. Awesome Job Susan! You are an awesome runner. I don't know when I thought of myself as a runner.... I still kind of just keep running and don't think about it too much. I just think about the cool medals and awesome vacations I get from this hobby =)

  8. 9:33!!!! Nice job girl!! You need to come to AZ and kick my butt into gear I'm such a slacker lately.
    Oh well.
    Time to go eat some ice cream :)

    Way to go!

  9. I love it! Susan is our MVP for sure. Susan, I'm like you--I'm often passive in my comments when people ask about running. But, I think anyone who's feet touch the pavement on a regular basis deserves to be called a runner no matter the distance, or the speed. For me, I think Georgetown was my turning point when I felt like a full fledged runner.