Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall Racing

Hi Ladies -- old and new!

My fall plan is to back-off distance a little and work (half-heartedly) on speed.  On that note, I'm eyeing several 5k's before the end of the year (when I will start distance again).  I definitely perform better on race day which is why I'm doing these.  I LOVE to see familiar faces in the pack (even if I am the caboose), so if you're interested - please join me!

These two I am doing for sure (and they're run by our awesome teammate Kristin - BONUS!):

And I'm on the fence about these two:
  • October 30 - Eerie Erie 5k or 10k - Erie (I was kind of unimpressed with this one last year... but it would fit nicely right in between the above two... so I'm still thinking about it.)
  • December 4 - Colder Boulder - Boulder (this was super fun last year, but it's only 1 week after the Thanksgiving day one, so maybe not).



  1. yea! I'll do some with you..Colder Boulder was fun last I'll do that one, the Turkey one sounds fun also, but since there only a week apart, I vote for the Turkey one and not Boulder. It would be nice to do the Eerie Erie 10K for something different. We can talk about it at our meeting next week.

  2. I am in for the Turkey one-can't commit to anything else yet:)

  3. The Eerie Erie works nicely into my plan...what didn't you like about it last time? Maybe the Dome Dash as well?

  4. My SIL ( lives in Erie, I'll have to tell her of those races. She's just getting into running and will run/walk a half coming up.

  5. I'm in for the Turkey Trot for sure. I'm thinking about Erie Erie, but just not feeling it quite yet.

  6. I'm in for the turkey trot too. Decided not to do the Dome Dash b/c Ammon will be gone camping with the scouts and don't feel like asking someone to babysit at 7:30am! I definitely need to work on my speed as well but as of my last few treadmill runs I'm just happy to know that I CAN run a 5k!