Friday, April 8, 2011

Notes from the Captains meeting

Hi All! Just a few notes from the Captains meeting that I wanted to pass along to you.

There ARE Hydration Stations at every major exchange. We will be able to fill up water bottles. This will significantly cut down on the amount of water we need to buy. Yay!

Food Along the course--there will be food for sale at exchange # 12 (fajitas) and exchange #30 (breakfast) It will be $8, CASH ONLY

MAKE SURE YOU BRING PLENTY OF CASH. It looks like most Ragnar gear, and all food and whatnot at the exchanges is cash only. It would also probably be easier to pay for gas with cash as well.

There are NO showers this year. Period. :(

There is NO indoor sleeping this year. That shouldn't matter too much to us b/c we have our comfy vans. he he he

There will be water stations on NON SUPPORT legs longer than 4 miles.

The non support legs are #12 (Tara) #17 (Amy B) #18 (Bri) #19 (Natalie) #20 (Jess) #30 (Natalie)

DOUBLE CHECK your legs--there have been some minor changes. And there will probably be a few more before race day. But the race director promised nothing more major than a few tenths of a mile. We'll see.....

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