Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pain: It Reminds Me I'm Alive.

My typical weekly workout routine is to run 3 days a week (2 interval days on a treadmill at the gym and 1 long run outside), and 2 strength training group fitness classes (because I despise lifting weights on my own).  Mostly it's the strength training that makes me sore; but sometimes, randomly, it's the running.  Nevertheless, I'm used to being sore somewhere on my body.  All the time.  And I kind of like it.

Anyway, a few days ago I did a strength class that I haven't done in eons and it made me sore - per usual at first.  But then... HOLY MOLY... it made me sore in a place where I haven't been sore in a LONG TIME.  And I don't like it! 

It's my calves!  Of all the muscle groups, I dislike being sore in my calves the most.  Wearing 5" heels to church today didn't help.

Where do you dislike being sore the most?


  1. My shins of course...and my calves are always tight!

  2. Susan - did you do the FIT class on Friday? Sherri's squats & lunges usually kill me!!

  3. No I did Strictly Strength on Thurs w/ Brenda (I liked her). We did like 362 calf raises in different positions. Not my favorite class, but enjoyed the change.

  4. my hamstrings - I hate how it makes it painful to sit to go to the bathroom:)