Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pain in the BUTT

I started running 12 years ago after my second son was born.  I had gained 50 lbs, he was colicky and had postpardom depression that required 6 months of therapy.  Running became an outlet for me when I couldn't seem to find it anywhere else.  Granted I was very slow, it gave me lots of time to think.

Now that I have been running for so long, I knd of depend on the reward and all the happy hormones it seems to send into my body.  So what do you do when you get injured...

Over the years I have had several injuries, plantar fasciitis, it band issues, and shin splints.  Injuries are to be expected and now I find my elf with a pain from the middle of my butt all the way down into my knee and then radiates down to my shin.s Obviously it is causing me not to run, but also having I am having a hard time walking and sitting.  What do I do now?

I WAS training for speed and was hoping to do a fast 5k for the Turkey Day 5 k.  Not to mention Ragnar in the Spring and The half Ironman in the Summer.  I worry that I will just continue to get hurt.

ANyway-can you tell I am frustrated and hate that I am not in control of my body.  Lots of cross training for me and I am going to see a physical therapist...YUCK!


  1. Sucks, injury is no fun and I'm like you and need the happy hormones to make it through the day/week. See what the physical therapist has to say. When I was hurt sort of like that I had a "medical message" and it was HORRIBLY PAINFUL (like I was crying during it) but then after they had somehow literally pushed everything into the right place and I had a 180 degree turn in how I could train. Good luck....hope you find something to help.

  2. Hi. I have an injury that sounds really similar. At first I thought it could be IT band related since it runs all the way up to your butt. I went to physical therapy to find out that my hips were out of alignment from childbirth. He adjusted them and have me exercises to do to hold them in place. The pain went away. If also told me to take 2 aleve before long runs. If said aleve works much better than ibuprofen for muscles and joints. I would have to agree. Stick to ibuprofen for headaches, cramps etc., but for a sports injury aleve works great for me. Also,I started taking a glucosimine supplement. I don't know if just one of these things worked or a combination of all of them. It was so bad I could not even make it three miles and now I just hit my PR in a half marathon. Also, I would roll my leg on a foam roller from above my hip down to my ankle. I hope this helps, good luck.

  3. For the record, in the previous post I was referring to muscle response pain -- NOT injury pain. So sorry you have to deal with this Jarrie! :(