Sunday, May 15, 2011

Northwest Passage, here we come!

The vote is in and the M.O.M's are going to Seattle! Northwest Passage, here we come! Last night was our annual "post Ragnar" celebration where we invite our husbands along to celebrate our accomplishment. We had a great time eating amazing food, and laughing at all the stories the husbands told about their time alone with the kiddos. Then, we got to watch Kristin's incredible video and relive our Ragnar experience all over again. THANK YOU KRISTIN. The video is simply perfect.

(If you want to watch the video bigger, just click on the Vimeo button)
I passed the official slap bracelet off to our new team captain, the lovely, the talented, the beautiful, SUSAN. She announced next year's destination by giving us all a little gift filled with things about Seattle--a Starbucks cup, poncho, Sweedish Fish(for the fish market), Teen Spirit deodorant (Nirvana), and green rock candy because Seattle's nickname is "the Emerald City." All in all, a perfect evening! Can't wait until July 2012!


  1. 422 days! That seems like an eternity! So when is the deadline for commitments? I know Jen REALLY wants to go so is anxious to know if we have a spot for her.

  2. Hey Amy - check your email! :)

  3. Ok, so that video was awesome. I think I have PMS because it almost made me cry. How is the race over already? So fun. You ladies are awesome!

  4. Jess--You weren't the only one who got teary. :)
    I think I've watched it approximately 1 million times now.