Sunday, August 15, 2010

Georgetown to Idaho Springs 2010 - We Rocked it!!!

Here are some pictures from our totally awesome race yesterday!!! Most of us set personal records for a 1/2 marathon - and one of our "honorary M.O.M.'s" -Josh- got 3rd place in his division - he even got a trophy:) Tara had the fastest time of all of us - under 1:50!!!- with Natalie and Amber close behind. This was Susan's first half - she was a SUPERSTAR!!! The weather was PERFECT, the scenery was beautiful, and it was so great to run with such inspirational ladies! I swear I ran faster knowing you all were somewhere close by. Thanks for a great day - and for those M.O.M.'s who couldn't make it this year - we missed you!!! Here we are waiting in line before the race --10 honey pots + 3500 runners = many runners still in line when the race starts!

Josh with his medal - way to go! It's hard to see but the trophy is a gold-digging pan with a nugget of fools gold hot glued into it with a little mountain goat hot glued on top.
After the race
All of us M.O.M.s (plus 2 honorary M.O.M.s) after an awesome race !!!


  1. Yeah well, my "personal record" was just crossing the finish line. You all inspire me. Love ya!

    But seriously, 13.1 miles at 8500 feet was HARD (I was seriously hyperventilating a few times). We need to do some training runs at that elevation next year. :)

  2. Cool stuff. Nice face Josh :) I guess if your that fast you can pull that kind of face and get away with it. Now I need to find a half to run? Hmmm.

  3. Tara- you totally beat me by almost 2 minutes. You are like the chick who starts in the back of the pack and just picks people off one by one. We'll have to call you the "comeback kid."
    Everyone did so well. I'm so inspired by you all!!!!!

  4. You guys are awesome, seriously impressed! Way to go MOM's!

  5. I am so proud of everyone! What a fun, motivating day.